The Choice is Clear!

Affordable & Simple“

For just pennies a glass, much less than the cost of bottled water, you can make your own purified water, as you need it and have control over what is actually in your water. With no monthly maintenance and filter changes only once a year, it can not get any easier. Read more


“One vital element can bring you vibrant good health…or rob you of it.” – Dr. Allen E. Banik Water – it makes up most of every human being. All of the bodily processes depend on it, yet the water we drink is being steadily polluted by thousands of toxic substances. Do you know what is in your water? Read more


EPCOR Edmonton has a daily water quality report you can read here Daily Water Report for up to date info about what they tell us about our water. With your own in house water system, you know what is in your water and can rest well knowing your family is not bathing or drinking pollutants. Read more